BackMeUp™ Camera

  • HD WiFi 1080P Wireless Camera
  • Night Vision
  • Supports up to 128 GB Micro SD card (not included)
  • Android / iPhone Capatable
  • 1 Way Audio
  • Long-life Lithium Batteries
  • Motion Detection
  • Memory Playback
  • Patented Flexible Poseable Neck
  • WiFi or direct connect within range limits

BackMeUp Camera is a versatile camera that can be used in many situations.

Can be WIFI connected or direct to smartphone within range limits.

Multiple uses for Campers, RVs, vehicles, or monitoring applications.

Includes mounting bracket, with an adhesive, fastener or magnetic options, large rechargeable lithium batteries

Additional Mounting Brackets are available.

BackMeUp™ Camera Disclaimer Warnings and Cautions

  • BackMeUp™ Camera is an aid to the driver and Is Not a safety device.
  • BackMeUp™ Camera is not a substitute for proper backing up.
  • Always turn and check that it is safe to do so before backing up.
  • Always back up slowly.
  • Objects viewed in the monitor may differ from actual distance, time or appearance.
  • Do not leave the camera in mounting bracket while in transit.
  • Do not strike or drop the camera. It is a precision instrument. Otherwise, it may malfunction or cause damage resulting in product failure and breakage.
  • Do not wash the camera, or spray around the camera. Otherwise, water may enter the camera unit causing water condensation on the lens, a malfunction, failure or breakage.



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