Introducing Advantive Holoflective™ Patented Technology


What is Holoflective™?

Holoflective™ technology is a holographic game-changer. Our patented flat angled projection plane delivers a visually clearer field of view that shooters appreciate. Eliminates edge distortion seen in other sights due to curved lens geometry. Compare our superior Holoflective™ technology with any reflex/ reflective concave lens sight on the market and see the difference for yourself.

Holoflective™ optics enable fast two-eye target acquisition, enhanced awareness, and effective engagement.

Advantive Inc. is a proud supporter of our US military, veterans, federal, state and local law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel.

Totally impressed by the quality of your Holoflective GunSight.
I own about every brand and type of gun scope there is. This has to be the best bang for my buck, period.
Just letting you know that I’m ordering another with the magnifier this time. Thanks for the great optics guys!

Tim S.


Advantive™ Gun Sight & 3X Magnifier

Holoflective™ Technology creates holographic and reflective images. Our patented angled flat-plane design delivers a visually clearer field of view.

Quick Pivot Magnifier Mount enables fast target acquisition.

Picatinny Rail application


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